4 Washing Machine Features That Will Save You Time

28 October 2019
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When you purchase a new washing machine, you not only want your washing machine to help keep your clothing clean, you want your washing machine to also save you time. There are a few specific features you need to look for on your next washing machine if you want it to help save you time while getting your clothes clean. 

Feature #1: Quick Wash Feature 

First, you want to look for a washing machine with a quick wash feature. A quick wash feature is great when you have a small load that you need to quickly clean up. This is great if you have an outfit that you need to wear to a special event, for example, but you forgot to wash. A quick wash feature can really help you out when you need to get some clean clothing fast.  

Feature #2: Fast Spin Speeds 

Second, look for a washing machine that allows you to set the speed of the spins. Having the option for a faster spin speed for some of your loads of clothing can be really helpful. When your washing machines spins faster, it will remove more moisture from your clothing. By removing more moisture from your clothing upfront, your clothing will dry faster when you transfer it to your dryer. 

Feature #3: High Capacity 

Next, if you have a big family, or just do a lot of laundry, look for a washing machine with a high capacity drum. A high capacity drum is capable of holding more water, and more laundry, than an average-sized washing machine. A high capacity drum can be really nice if you have a big family or if you need to wash a lot of laundry on a regular basis. You can effectively wash larger loads, which should help cut your time spent washing and drying your clothing.  

Feature #4: Quiet Operating Machine 

Some machines are actually designed to be quieter than other machines. A quiet washing machine can be really helpful if you limit the time you use your machine due to the amount of noise that it makes. If you plan your laundry schedule around when your household can tolerate the noise from the washing machine, a washing machine that is designed to operate more quietly may be a better choice for your home. 

Washing your clothing takes time, but with a new washing machine with the right features, such as a quick-wash feature, a faster spin cycle, a high-capacity machine, or even one that operates quietly, you will be able to reduce some of the time this routine task takes.