Is It Time For A Water Softener?

22 October 2020
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Not all homes have water softeners. Some homes don't require them, as their water is just the right mineral composition. Some water has too much chlorine, iron, calcium, or other minerals in them that make your water turn your clothing a different color, turn your sinks a different color, or cause your skin to change and dry out. If you aren't sure if your home needs a water softener, see below for a few reasons why your home should have one.

Your Sink Basins Are All Stained

If your sink basins are stained yellow, brown, or even grey, it may be because of the water mineral makeup. You are going to get stains from time to time in your toilet or sink when water sits for too long, but if you clean often and don't have water sitting in your sink basins, but still have stains from hard water or from the iron in the water, a water softener may do you some good. These stains in your sinks and toilets can be very unsightly and can make you feel self-conscious about your home. Having a water softener can help prevent these stains and keep your toilets and sinks looking like new.

Your Hair Or Skin Is Drying Out

Hard water can dry out your hair and your skin. If you have hard water, you'll notice a difference in your hair and your skin, as well as your nails. A water softener can help prevent these things from happening and can improve your skin tone and texture, as well as give you that bouncy hair you used to have. Your nails will be less brittle as well. Dry skin can leave you itchy and uncomfortable, and it can even lead to breakouts because your skin is going to produce extra oils in order to replenish your skin. Having a water softener can help with this as well.

You Are Having To Replace Your Faucets Often

If you have a lot of hard water in your home, your faucets may take a toll. The screen on your faucet or the head of your faucet may accumulate with a lot of hard water or calcium buildup. You may need to replace your faucets more often because of this. This can get expensive over time to have to do this. Having a water softener can prevent you from needing to replace your faucets too often.

If you have hard water problems in your home, you may benefit greatly from a water softener. For more information about a water softener installation, contact a local installation professional.