Three Tips For Buying Equipment For Your Laundromat

14 May 2021
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Commercial laundromats are big business right now. If you have a laundromat or if you are planning to open one, it's important that you find all of the equipment that will help you the most. By taking time out to search for equipment suppliers, you will be able to manage your business with cost-effectiveness and proper planning. Start with the tips in this article so that you can buy whatever washer and dryer equipment you need.

#1: Make a plan to order all of the washing machines that you need

You don't have a laundromat business unless you have the best washing machines that you can get your hands on. Figure out whether you want to purchase new, used, or refurbished commercial washing machines, and determine how many you need in order to serve your customers. People might not come back if they stop by your laundromat and find that all of the machines are taken. Estimate how much business you expect and how many units will be able to serve your customers.

Take the time to also find the right type of washing machines for your company. Some examples of washing machines that you can buy include continuous batch washers, top loaders, and front loaders. You can also determine whether you want to go with coin-operated machines or if you'd like to use cards, codes, or other forms of payment.

#2: Check around for the best commercial dryers

You also need to purchase some commercial dryers that will be helpful to your business. You need to have just as many dryers as washers, if not more. That way, your customers can do their laundry efficiently and quickly. Find out what kind of temperatures your dryers will get, and what settings it has. These dryers will take up a large amount of energy in your laundromat, which is why you should also factor in how it will affect your bills and your overhead costs.

#3: Plan out your entire laundromat purchase

When you're going to stock your laundromat, make sure that you know your price range. Both of your washing and drying machines might cost you roughly $150,000 and higher depending on how many you need. Think about whether you need to get finances, and what this will mean for you in terms of interest rates and loan terms.

Use these three tips to purchase the laundry equipment that you need. Talk to a supplier, such as CG West, for more details.